Check out the latest At Home Pandemic Performances, including:

Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra’s virtual performance of Beethoven Symphony No. 2 with Gabor Takas-Nagy conducting, on (free member sign in required)

Listen to my performance of Roger Zare’s Together for solo trumpet, dedicated to me for the Next Generation Trumpet Competition, a virtual competition that is bringing composers, performers and students together during these challenging times

Banda Nueva York

Rio Brass

Filmharmonic Brass

 NIU Artists Never Quit, Chris Scanlon & Rio Brass perform virtually

It was great to be featured in the NIU Today blog as an artist that in light of the global pandemic, “continues to find ways to express themselves” and “do what they love…the learning and teaching hasn’t stopped, it’s simply evolved to meet the needs and limitations of the situation.”

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Chris Scanlon to join Northern Illinois University School of Music faculty!

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